Namaqua Camini - 7 Day - 140km

The Camini is a 7 day - 140 kilometres supported slack-pack walk scheduled to fall within some of the school holidays and can accommodate solo hikers and families with learners aged 12 - 18 years. The Camini walks will take you via an inland route to the coastal section of the Namaqua National Park. The days spent along the coast are easy walks with ample time to enjoy the scenic unspoilt Namaqualand coastline. Please note: Although this walk is more leisurely, you will still have to prepare in advance in order to be walking fit.

Daily Stages (CLICK ON THE DAY) km
Day1: Hondeklipbaai - Wallekraal

A fairly easy, straightforward walk. The boundary fences for the Namaqua National Park appears soon after the first 5 km rest stop. Keep an eye out for Red Hartebeest, Springbok and Oryx. The ruins of the historical Wallekraal settlement and school buildings can be seen on the last 5 kilometers before reaching the first overnight camp situated on the church grounds.

Day2: Wallekraal - Sarrisam

Off the beaten track. The route diverts off the main road onto a seldom traveled farm road that leads to Sarrisam farmstead where the next overnight camp is situated.

Day3: Sarrisam to Koringkorrelbaai

Walking to the beach. A short walk before you enter the Namaqua National Park at the Driekop gate. After a steep climb, you can set eyes on the vast Atlantic Ocean. Sometimes, due to thick, loose sand and hot weather, the last 5 kilometres might be challenging. This challenge, however, is soon rewarded by the beauty and tranquillity of the Korringkorrel overnight camp.

Day4: Koringkorrelbaai - Kwass-se-baai

A day of rest; or not. An optional leisurely walk to Kwass-se-baai and back or alternatively, spend the day relaxing around the camp and on the beach.

Day5: Koringkorrelbaai - Boulderbaai.

A breath-taking coastal walk. The route hugs the coast all the way, following a sandy 4x4 track and crossing two pristine beaches. The white quartz rocks on Langstrand are exceptional. The large seal colony to the north of Langstrand, albeit very smelly, is still worth a short visit. At the end of Langstrand you can decide to keep to the 4x4 track or take the easier, less sandy road, to complete the last few kilometres to Boulderbaai, another spectacular overnight camp right next to the beach.

Day6: Boulderbaai - Heuningnes

Traversing inland again. The route continues along the coast until it reaches the mouth of the Spoegrivier where it turns inland. After a brief stopover at the Spoegrivier caves, the trail leads to and over Kanoepkop, a last challenge before heading towards Heuningnes, the last overnight camp of the 10-day Namaqua Camino hike.

Day7: Heuningnes - Hondeklipbaai

Heading home. This last early morning departure entails a brief walk through the Namaqua National Park towards the exit and then onto the last 14 kilometres towards the finish line in Hondeklipbaai.


COST: ZAR 11 000

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